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Embracing new Java technologies and methodologies is a driving force behind the DevOps services we offer clients, and our partnership with Chef has provided us with fresh opportunities to transform application build and delivery in highly demanding transaction-based environments.

As a Chef partner and specialist Chef service provider, c2b2 can support any business or organisation currently using Chef to manage their application delivery or considering Chef as a way to automate the provisioning of their infrastructure.

Whilst Chef offers huge potential for clients who want to fully embrace a culture of DevOps, realising that potential is only possible with a comprehensive understanding not only of Chef itself, but of the client’s business objectives, their operational environment and of DevOps best practices.

Years of working across the whole DevOps landscape, combined with their experience of delivering business transformation using Chef – as well as other leading automation utilities - enables our consultancy team to employ genuine expertise when architecting Chef Server deployments or designing bespoke Chef configuration recipes for automation projects.

As well as seeing tangible returns from our Chef expertise in terms of automating accelerated delivery within robust compliance and governance frameworks, we can also make sure that in-house teams are left with the knowledge they need to see the long-term potential of Chef. Through workshops, demonstrations and one-to-one coaching, our consultants can deliver bespoke Chef training throughout the course of the implementation project, and which is designed specifically for individual team members.

If you’re evaluating Chef as an option for your organisation and want to work alongside a Chef partner with expertise across the middleware technology spectrum, contact us for a consultation and discover how we can help you realise the full potential of automation.

  • Infrastructure Automation
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  • Continuous delivery
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  • Acceleration
  • Bespoke recipes
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