Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services

Having worked alongside Amazon Web Services since 2006 to provide clients with a secure, compliant, and scalable cloud platform, our consultancy team have extensive experience of architecting successful AWS Cloud migrations for organisations of all sizes - both in the private and public sector.

Regardless of what some cloud hosting providers claim in terms of cloud performance, revenue savings, and the blanket suitability of cloud for service and application provision, our experience of cloud integration is that our clients don’t see the cloud as the platform on which they must move their business applications to in order to survive, but rather as an option they want to bring to areas of their business in order to thrive. 

As independent cloud consultants, our ethos is that if cloud hosting has a place within an organisation’s infrastructure strategy, then it must be justifiable and appropriate to the objectives of business. This is why we work with Amazon Web Services – because through EC2, AWS can deliver flexible cloud hosting and management options aligned to the needs of our clients.

Being AWS specialists, our consultancy team is committed to offering clients the most appropriate AWS Cloud solution - and the reassurance that their expertise is founded on the very best practices in cloud implementation.