Automation with Ansible

With automation taking an increasingly important role as practices such as DevOps and Agile are more widely adopted, this meetup is designed for anyone considering or using Ansible as a key tool for implementing automation across both operations and development teams.

Thursday June 29th at 18:30

To present this talk, we welcome Cloud and DevOps solutions architect, James Allen. In the first part of the evening, James will offer a brief introduction to Ansible in the context of adopting automation, before moving on to a demonstration of  how to achieve a full-stack JBoss middleware deployment in minutes. Exploring automation both from an infrastructure and an application point of view, the demonstration will showcase infrastructure as code, middleware deployment and configuration, and application deployment. 


18:30: Meet up at Skills Matter with a beer at the bar
18:45: Introduction: Ansible as an Automation Tool
19:15: Refreshment Break
19:25: Demonstration: Achieving a Full-Stack Deployment in Minutes with Q&A
20:45: Pizza

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James Allen is a Solutions Architect working at Red Hat to help businesses understand and adopt Cloud and DevOps solutions. James works across all industries and believes the adoption of Cloud and DevOps is essential for companies in an ever changing technology and business landscape. James holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Loughborough University.

Skills Matter | CodeNode, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 7EB, GB 

Please register at the Skills Matter website