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WildFly support

Whatever WildFly support solution your company or organisation needs, our specialist JBoss middleware support team can deliver a completely bespoke WildFly support service directly aligned with your operational requirements.

With impressive speed, scalability and responsiveness, WildFly justifies its reputation as an exceptionally lightweight and powerful application server that builds on many best-of-breed open source component products – and is a hugely attractive proposition for organisations looking for a subscription-free alternative to commercial options.

However, whilst WildFly is a perfect choice for commercial deployment - taking the lead on innovations that will eventually be released in future JBoss Enterprise Application Platform versions - the need for expert and comprehensive WildFly support remains a key part of any organisation’s operational middleware strategy.

Make Us Part Of Your WildFly Support Strategy

As long-standing Red Hat partners and JBoss experts, we’ve been involved in supporting clients with commercial WildFly deployments for several years, from its previous incarnation as JBoss AS through to the most recent WildFly 10.1 release.

From our own experiences, and those of our clients, we know that whilst there is a thriving and committed WildFly developer community contributing a vast amount of knowledge and experience to assist other users, this in itself is not enough to meets the needs of supporting business-critical WildFly operations.

Finding the specific information you need at the time you need it most - and being able to apply it to your operational environment with best-practice expertise within a priority-one time frame - can challenge even the best in-house teams.

With no proprietary commercial WildFly support available from Red Hat, making our JBoss specialists a part of your support strategy overcomes any potential threat to your business that might come from relying on in-house and community resources. Not only can we provide the reassurance of a credible round-the-clock commercial WildFly support service delivered by a team of UK-based JBoss experts, but we also deliver service level agreements tailored to your individual operational needs.

Bringing JBoss Expertise To Your WildFly Deployment

With a deep understanding of component JBoss products gained from years supporting commercial JBoss EAP, JBoss AS and WildFly deployments, our team has an unmatched experience of investigating and resolving tickets across both the latest and legacy WildFly releases.

Whatever technical challenges your in-house team is facing, from memory leaks and garbage collection tuning to clustering, high availability, messaging, datasources and security issues, our service engineers have expertise in the whole portfolio of underlying Java technologies integrated into your WildFly implementation. 

Supported Underlying Products

  • Undertow
  • ActiveMQ Artemis
  • Hibernate
  • JBeret
  • Infinispan 
  • HornetQ
  • Drools
As a result of having c2b2 middleware support in place, and expert consultants available on call, CNS has seen an increase in our availability, and an improvement in the stability of CNS service products. We’re now able to provide the service that is expected by our customers by utilising a reliable and secure middleware environment.
Ian Troise, Systems Manager at CNS

Service Beyond Support

Not only do we offer a fast-response WildFly investigation and resolution help desk, but because our support team is integrated with our senior JBoss consultancy team, our clients know that our expertise in WildFly troubleshooting is backed-up by senior level commercial experience of real-world JBoss environments.

Once new clients have had an initial consultation with a senior middleware consultant, we’ll perform a detailed health check to assess the WildFly environments to be supported and identify any areas where operational performance, stability, architecture, management and security can be improved.

This report not only offers our clients an opportunity to benefit from industry-leading Java expertise, but forms the foundation of their WildFly support strategy - ensuring that when clients speak with one of our engineers, they’re dealing with someone who has a comprehensive understanding of their infrastructure, the challenges they face, and their business priorities.

Working both remotely and on-premise in highly pressured commercial environments where maintaining highly scalable, secure and complex services is critical to business success, our middleware support is geared to delivering high-quality and fast-response WildFly troubleshooting when our clients need it most.

Get fully supported in just a few days

If you’re looking for an industry-leading partner to provide support across your WildFly environment, reach out to us and we’ll contact you within one business day to arrange a consultation call with one of our principal consultants.

  1. Send us a brief summary of your support requirements or the challenges you’re facing.

  2. We’ll respond within one business day and arrange a conference call with our Client Services Manager and a senior member of our Professional Services team.

  3. They’ll listen to your specific needs and advise you as to what service levels would be appropriate. If you like what you hear, we’ll send out a proposal within a day.

  4. As soon as you’re happy, and the agreement is in place, we’ll get the on-boarding process underway with our comprehensive health check.

  5. You could be fully supported within only a week of making contact with us.