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If you’re facing middleware support challenges and are looking for the reassurance of a support partner with in-house expertise of JBoss Middleware, Oracle Fusion Middleware and unsupported open source products such as Apache Tomcat, WildFly, and GlassFish, c2b2 can offer a bespoke support solution to meet your operational needs.

Make c2b2 part of your middleware support strategy

Our in-house middleware support engineers are specialists at delivering bespoke Red Hat, Oracle and Tomcat support solutions for customers with both unsupported open source, and commercial middleware infrastructure, and offer expertise in Java EE application servers, messaging components, and routing technologies such as Apache Camel.

Supporting companies across the world in a broad range of industry sectors, we understand the specific needs of our clients, and align our services with their business objectives. Viewing middleware support as a strategic partnership, we want you to see the financial return of using our services, from minimising downtime and outages to implementing cost-saving root-cause solutions across the entire middleware environment.

If you’re facing middleware support challenges, and want the reassurance of a UK-based service provider with market-leading expertise in supporting Tomcat and WildFly, Oracle Fusion Middleware, JBoss Middleware, and GlassFish - then request a consultation with our Head of Support, and make c2b2 part of your support strategy.

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  1. As a result of having c2b2 middleware support in place, and expert consultants available on call, CNS has seen an increase in our availability, and an improvement in the stability of CNS service products. We’re now able to provide the service that is expected by our customers by utilising a reliable and secure middleware environment.
    Ian Troise, Systems Manager at CNS


    Our support services are designed to meet the operational needs of companies and organisations of any size - with packages and pricing tailored to offer best-fit solutions for your middleware support strategy.

    As middleware specialists, we know that the support needs of our clients require bespoke services tailored to meet highly specific operational challenges. From the reassurance of having a remote troubleshooting expert on call for occasional low priority ticket resolution, to an investment in comprehensive hands-on support of your daily operations, we can deliver the specialist services you need - and with service levels you’d expect from an in-house and UK-based team.

    Whether you’re looking for patch cycle management, want to implement a dedicated monitoring system, or need intervention on priority alerts, we can design a support package that offers the solutions your business needs. And, because our support team is fully integrated with our senior consultancy team, we’re also able to offer clients a full range of middleware services in addition to their core support package - from security assessments and configuration reviews, to migration planning and cloud implementation.

    BAU Activities and Change Management
    Our most comprehensive core package offers hands-on support of all Business as Usual operations and daily production activities, including application deployments, configuration changes, upgrades, and patching. Add-ons available - 24/7 BAU Production Support, DBA Support

    Incident Investigation and Resolution
    Focusing on troubleshooting and incident resolution, this hands-on service not only delivers fast-response investigation into problems within the middleware stack - but enables proactive interventions with the implementation of a dedicated monitoring system with alert configuration. Add-ons available - 24/7 Production Incident Support, DBA Support

    Remote Assistance 
    This hands-off service provides the reassurance of having a middleware specialist on-call for assisting with the investigation and troubleshooting of tickets as and when problems occur. Add-ons available - 24/7 Production Incident Support, DBA Support

    Continuous Updates 
    This package offers clients a complete update and patch management service, which includes notifications of patch availability, unlimited security and bug fixes, one major and four minor version updates per year.

    Security Assessments 
    Event-driven or periodic security assessments and penetration testing for applications and infrastructure can be provided by our security specialists.


    We view our relationships with clients as strategic middleware support partnerships, and have the in-house expertise to deliver professional services across the entire middleware environment.

    The integrated approach we’ve adopted between our middleware support and middleware consultancy teams gives our clients the reassurance that should they need additional middleware services such as configuration reviews, performance tuning or patch installations, they can deal directly with in-house JBoss, Oracle Fusion and Tomcat experts who already have a deep understanding of their business operations.

    Whatever middleware solutions our clients need, be it in designing application server architecture, middleware migration strategies, evolving a cloud strategy or implementing microservices and DevOps deployment, we have the technical specialists with industry-leading experience who can deliver middleware projects on time and on budget.

    Our clients value our middleware support services, but they also value what we can offer them beyond the help desk. With the same Client Relationship Manager handling accounts throughout the whole service delivery process, we offer a personalised and integrated middleware partnership designed to bring success.


    Our middleware support services are designed to accommodate all server environments, with packages and costs tailored to meet the specific needs of your infrastructure.


    All middleware support customer accounts are managed by a dedicated Client Services Manager. They handle every aspect of the account, from initial sales negotiations right through to service reviews and arranging additional middleware consultancy proposals and schemes of work.


    We log in to client systems remotely (SSH or RDP access via VPN) in order to investigate and resolve issues. We also utilise screen sharing in order to work with in-house teams when assisting with issue diagnosis and resolution.


    Coverage is delivered between 09:00 and 18:00 during UK business days (public holidays and weekends excluded). Clients who require additional coverage can choose the comprehensive 24/7 support option as an add-on.


    The Incident Investigation and Resolution package includes the continuous monitoring of system performance and status. The data generated is regularly reviewed by our senior consultancy team, and should areas for improvement be identified, recommendations will be proposed as part of a separate scheme of work.


    The middleware support team manage and monitor commercial and unsupported open source patch cycles, and will alert clients when patches become available. Should patching be required, installation can be delivered by one of our senior middleware consultants as a separate scheme of work.


    In addition to ticket closure reports, your Client Services Manager will conduct quarterly service reviews, which detail all tickets raised, provide information on any work carried out, and show recommendations made during the period. If clients wish to receive monthly service reviews, they can simply select this option as an add-on.

    ON boarding

    Prior to all middleware support services commencing, clients are given a comprehensive health check by one of our senior middleware consultancy team in order to assess the infrastructure and make recommendations for bringing systems up to an optimal level of operability.

    MAINTENANCE charges

    In order to maintain optimal operational performance, we ask that clients perform an interim c2b2 health check every six months and act on any recommendations made. Both the health check and any subsequent work is delivered under a separate scheme of work and performed by a senior member of our middleware consultancy team.

Get fully supported in just a few days

  1. Send us a brief summary of your support requirements or the challenges you’re facing.

  2. We’ll respond within one business day and arrange a conference call with our Client Services Manager and a senior member of our Professional Services team.

  3. They’ll listen to your specific needs and advise you as to what service levels would be appropriate. If you like what you hear, we’ll send out a proposal within a day.

  4. As soon as you’re happy, and the agreement is in place, we’ll get the on-boarding process underway with our comprehensive health check.

  5. You could be fully supported within only a week of making contact with us.