Technologies Overview

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With greater demands being placed on businesses and organisations to find cost-effective infrastructure solutions for scalable application and service delivery, the true value of engaging a middleware consultancy with expertise in a broad range of Java technologies and methodologies has never been clearer.

Because our ethos is to adopt and master the very best core, component and utility Java products and technologies, our team not only offer clients best-fit solutions free from vendor influence, but have a unique understanding of how to integrate and optimise the most appropriate technologies for a client’s organisation or business.

Whether you’re exploring WebLogic or Tomcat as application server options, planning microservice roadmaps with Spring Boot or WildFly Swarm, designing SOA implementations with JBoss Fuse or SOA Suite, or looking at Amazon Web Services for cloud solutions, we have the experience and knowledge to help deliver the perfect middleware infrastructure project for your business or organisation.

We also specialise in the utilities and tools that help implement, automate and optimise those technologies, exploiting our expertise across the DevOps arena to accelerate delivery of applications and services configured for your operational environment.

Regardless of whether your middleware technologies are on-premise, in the cloud or part of a hybrid infrastructure, we have the expertise to service, support and manage complex multi-product environments – and deliver the most appropriate solutions for your organisation’s objectives.