Open Source Migration Assessment

Apache Tomcat and WildFly migration expertise

If you’re looking at unsupported or upstream open source technologies as part of a commercial middleware infrastructure, we can provide the expertise and experience to make your Tomcat or WildFly deployment a success.

Both Tomcat and WildFly offer users an outstanding alternative to commercial middleware – but whilst establishing a business case for deployment can be easily made in terms of avoiding product licensing or subscription fees, implementing a successful migration that won’t compromise business operations requires genuine expertise.

As specialists in open source Java middleware, we’ve helped numerous private and public sector clients to design and deploy Tomcat, WildFly and GlassFish infrastructure – as well as providing ongoing operational support and consultancy services.

It is this experience in implementing open source technology projects for business transformation that is so highly valued by our clients. Not only are we experts in a whole spectrum of Java middleware products, but we understand the operational demands that need to be met by business infrastructure.

Meeting these demands using enterprise products is a highly skilled endeavour in itself - but even more so when overcoming the potential pitfalls of deploying unsupported middleware. Whilst the Tomcat and WildFly communities offer a huge source of knowledge and enthusiasm, finding solutions specific to your target architecture requires the experience and expertise to deliver a clear migration strategy for your business or organisation.

Our Open Source Migration Assessment is a significant engagement designed to help you determine the challenges you’re likely to face during migration – exposing potential risks and providing best-practice guidance intended to reduce costs and deliver the project on time.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive review of existing services and applications
  • Identification of alternative framework and servers
  • Evaluation of project scope
  • Planning a proof of concept migration
  • Implementing the migration roadmap
Not Exactly What You Were Looking For?

If you’ve already deployed an unsupported infrastructure, and are looking for upgrade, commercial support or performance services, contact us today and we can arrange a discovery call with one of our Tomcat or WildFly experts to find out how we can help optimise your open source environments.