CHEF Infrastructure Assessment

Maximising ROI on Automation

If you’ve made the decision to automate the provisioning and management of your infrastructure, selected the orchestration tools, and chosen Chef as part of this initiative, our expertise can help you maximise your investment returns.

As long-term DevOps practitioners and specialists in automation technologies, our partnership with Chef has given us the opportunity to apply our CI/CD expertise to a product that is now firmly established in the market – and which offers enormous opportunities for business transformation.

With first-hand experience of implementing and managing Chef projects in the most challenging of financial services environments, our Chef expertise is rooted firmly in applying the theory of Chef-powered DevOps to complex real-world environments.

Our Approach

Beginning with a full architectural review, one of our Principal Consultants and Chef experts will work with in-house teams and key stakeholders to identify business objectives, understand team skills and assess how Chef can best be implemented in the automation infrastructure.

Prior to Chef being deployed, the in-house teams will have typically been involved in managing infrastructure and application deployments across numerous environments and platforms using a combination of scripts and manual procedures. Our assessment targets these workflows and results in an implementation roadmap that identifies how to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Deliver consistent configuration between environments
  • Reduce the time spent debugging problems when systems are deployed to production
  • Define the infrastructure as code – enabling the customer to fully understand their environments
  • Reduce the costs involved in delivering and managing infrastructure
  • Reduce the time to deliver infrastructure
  • Increase the stability and reliability of infrastructure
  • Standardise build to ensure security and audit compliance requirements
  • Transfer Chef knowledge to in-house teams

If your business or organisation has invested in Chef, then realising that potential is absolutely vital – and our Chef Implementation Assessment is a strategic service specifically designed to provide the roadmap you need to maximise your ROI.

Not Exactly What You Were Looking For?

If the implementation assessment isn’t exactly what you were looking for, we can provide the Chef expertise you need. Whether you’re looking for Chef licensing and installation, proof of concept, cookbooks and configuration consultancy, or help with improving the performance of Chef within your organisation, contact us today and we’ll arrange a discovery call with one of our Chef experts.