delivering business-critical middleware solutions

With unparalleled experience across the middleware technology landscape, our senior consultancy team not only offers the expertise our clients need to implement first-class middleware solutions, but have the skills to deliver those solutions in highly demanding business-critical environments.

Our first contact with many new clients is often through troubleshooting engagements to resolve potentially critical operational issues in the production environment.

Regardless of what middleware products or architectural infrastructure has been implemented, memory leaks, transaction failures, configuration faults and timeouts are typical and common threats to business continuity, customer retention and ecommerce revenues.

With years of experience gained working with clients who depend on high-availability application-based services such as clearing banks, insurance companies, and online retailers, we understand how vital it is to deliver robust and effective middleware solutions with speed and expertise.

  • Independent and client-oriented perspective
  • Systematic evidence-based approach
  • Understanding of business-critical timeframes
  • Expertise in real-world resolutions
  • Clear understanding of operational frameworks
  • Effective communication with in-house teams

As an ever-increasing number of organisations develop and deploy proprietary applications, the middleware landscape for many companies has become more and more complex. The demands placed on services has risen, and with the advent of cloud scalability, finding the middleware expertise required to ensure stability across operational environments, platforms and applications is a challenge for many.

Because our investigatory expertise across complex middleware environments is backed up with world-class analysis and reporting methodologies, we know that whatever challenges you face, we can identify and resolve the underlying root-causes with confidence and authority.

Specialist Support Services

If you’re facing ongoing problems with your middleware infrastructure, and want a bespoke solution that offers operational reassurance, you might want to consider an on-demand support package from our middleware support team.

Designed for companies and organisations of all sizes, and fully integrated with our senior consultancy team, we can provide commercial-grade remote Java middleware support for JBoss Middleware, Oracle Fusion Middleware, GlassFish, WildFly and Tomcat infrastructures.