Performance Tuning

optimizing your middleware production environment

With increasing demands placed on web-based and transactional business operations, performance failure and service deterioration present significant and immediate threats to business continuity, customer retention and revenue generation. Our expertise in tuning complex middleware production environments across cloud, hybrid and on-premise implementations ensures that whatever services and applications your business depends on, we can deliver the middleware performance you need.

Regardless of what investment has been made in the middleware infrastructure, operational performance is always of paramount importance for our clients when selecting middleware products and architectural approaches. Despite this, the feedback we often receive during performance tuning engagements is that regardless of what development framework is in place, achieving optimal operational performance from middleware components isn’t always a key consideration for the development team.

With developers brought in specifically for their build and delivery skills, the expertise and experience required to tune out-of-the-box and custom-built applications in synthesis with the middleware environment can be a challenge to resource in-house.

Our middleware services team are not only specialists in understanding how to optimise middleware performance, but have the commercial expertise to do so in alignment with client business objectives.

Whether conducting performance metric identification and analysis, modelling test environments, or implementing best-practice monitoring and logging methodologies, our systematic approach to middleware performance tuning is designed to meet the challenges our clients face in their business-critical operations.

A Typical Middleware Performance Tuning Engagement will involve the following elements…

  • Architectural discovery
  • Understanding of client business objectives
  • Performance metric analysis
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Optimise data centre and cloud resource requirements
  • Interrogation of query execution times
  • Interrogation of call time stats
  • Thread & Connector analysis
  • Monitoring and logging assessment
  • Root cause analysis across the technology stack
  • Test environment modelling