Operation Overview

middleware solutions for the production environment

Production environments present the most critical and urgent challenges to businesses. Regardless of how strong an in-house development team is, optimising middleware infrastructure to meet those challenges requires specialist knowledge that can’t always be accommodated within the organisation.

Whatever services your business needs to optimise its middleware performance, be it implementing appropriate monitoring and logging protocols, troubleshooting business-critical threats, patch installation or middleware configuration reviews, our consultancy team deliver world class operational management solutions across the entire spectrum of both commercial and unsupported open source Java EE middleware.

With extensive real-world experience of administrating and managing production environments for clients across industries and organisations in both the private and public sectors, our middleware consultancy team understand the importance of business continuity. Their technological expertise, allied with a keen commercial awareness, underpins our operational approach. We know how demanding operational environments can be, and our clients know we can implement effective solutions under pressure. 

If you have an operational challenge in your middleware environment, contact us today and discover a range of services tailored to the specific needs of your business. 

  • Benefit from an Expert Perspective
    Regardless of how much care has gone into operational deployment and management, in-house teams still work within an eco-system. With a much broader experience, our consultants can bring a fresh perspective to your operational requirements.
  • Accelerated Solutions through a Systematic Approach
    We understand the demands placed on operational teams – whether they’re facing business critical problems or meeting configuration review deadlines for production release. To meet these demands, we deliver services using a systematic approach designed to deliver best-practice solutions with speed and transparency.
  • Rectification Specialists
    Not only are we experts in operational environments, but we’re also specialists at identifying and rectifying issues caused by poor quality work carried out by previous contractors. We understand the consequences and causes of poor implementation – and how to deliver the expected levels of performance and stability.