Health Checks

delivering stability, security and performance

Whatever middleware performance issues your organisation is faced with in its operational infrastructure, our consultancy team can deliver a comprehensive middleware health check tailored to meet the specific demands of your business objectives.

Our middleware health checks are designed for organisations committed to maintaining the highest standards of operational performance in their Java infrastructure.

Typically lasting between two and five days, a health check engagement will begin with a thorough review of your middleware architecture, the component technology, and the services and applications being served.

With expertise in on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments of JBoss Middleware, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and unsupported open source middleware such as Tomcat and WildFly, our health checks deliver the stability and performance levels you expect from your middleware investment.

Key Outcomes

  • Optimise performance
  • Identify priority rectification work
  • Implement best-practice methodologies
  • Improve diagnostics
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Minimise threats

Using best-practice methodologies and processes developed from years of large-scale JBoss, Tomcat and Oracle Fusion deployments, our senior consultants begin each engagement with a comprehensive discovery of the client’s application architecture. Through a systematic investigation into the dependent products, their configurations – and the processes surrounding them -and how applications and services are deployed, we test our findings against best-practice expectations.

Key Performance Review Areas

  • Technology assessment
  • Cluster design analysis
  • Failure and recovery testing
  • Communication and messaging
  • Datasource configuration review
  • External influences and fault handling
  • Security and compliance
  • Administration assessment
  • Patch management
  • Monitoring and alerting controls
  • Logging and diagnostics
  • Scalability planning

These discoveries are then presented in a full report, which not only details our findings, but which also proposes clear recommendations and business-case justifications for the rectification of any middleware performance deficiencies or potential threats.

In the same way that the report provides a framework for success, being on-premise provides an ideal opportunity to pass on middleware knowledge and best practice that will help during any subsequent rectification work. Throughout the engagement, we take time with key developers and architects to discuss the project phases, not only during the initial audit, but also when evaluating recommendations for changes and modifications to the middleware infrastructure


As a result of having c2b2 middleware support in place, and expert consultants available on call, CNS has seen an increase in our availability, and an improvement in the stability of CNS service products. We’re now able to provide the service that is expected by our customers by utilising a reliable and secure middleware environment.
Ian Troise, Systems Manager at CNS