Implementation Overview

delivering successful deployments

With your organisation’s middleware architecture clearly defined, implementation is the next critical process – and one that needs vision and expertise to deliver.

Whilst development teams will naturally gravitate towards the quickest route to delivery during the implementation phase, the fastest path doesn’t always produce the best results. 

Our experience of the broadest range of middleware implementation projects, from major patch installations and application configurations, through complex platform migration and SOA integration, to providing development - or best practice workshops for developers - has underpinned the success we have in delivering seamless transitions for our clients. 

Even with a comprehensive understanding of existing current state, project objectives, and target architecture, implementation can present clear challenges in terms of risk mitigation and the realisation of zero downtime. Our middleware consultancy team are specialists in the implementation arena, with the expertise to meet those challenges - designing deployment architecture, automating build processes and configuring environments to realise the specific objectives of each deployment.

Our extensive experience of middleware projects and operational support of middleware systems enables us provide best-practice advice and guidance to ensure that the implementation phase of your project is not only delivered smoothly, but results in operations that are easy to manage and straight-forward to support.

Our Approach

Tailoring our approach to the project in question, implementation begins with a full review of the existing architecture and project objectives by one of our Principal Consultants. From this, a high-level implementation plan is designed that provides clarity for every aspect of the project, and which includes:

  • Identifying delivery sequences and dependencies
  • Evaluation of deployment methodologies
  • Knowledge and skills transfer to in-house teams
  • Monitoring, testing and evaluation framework
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Roll back contingency planning
  • Release scheduling
  • Governance and compliance
  • Troubleshooting and resolution 

A DevOps Strategy for Implementation

Although DevOps has emerged as the foremost methodology in automating the build, test, and deployment of applications and infrastructure into the environment, we have been talking about the necessity of taking operational requirements into account during development since c2b2 was founded back in 2002. However, even though the core principal of DevOps is to combine development and operational skills, the expertise required to deploy the techniques and tools required to automate and accelerate projects successfully across complex architecture remains difficult to find.

With our experience of delivering successful DevOps implementations, we can help our clients make sure that their development teams understand and employ best-practice DevOps methodology that takes into account operational requirements.

Working with clients who depend on highly compliant production-ready releases in commercial environments such as financial services and banking, our consultants understand how to manage business-critical delivery pipelines by utilising their expertise across the DevOps arena.

Delivery of production-ready applications

  • Increase deployment frequency
  • Reduce time to market
  • Minimise failure rates
  • Achieve zero downtime
  • Meet governance and compliance standards
  • Optimise testing and validation
  • Reduce management and deployment costs

Whatever implementation project you’re undertaking, our team can provide world-class expertise to help you meet your deployment objectives - and deliver DevOps implementation solutions that could transform your business.