Environment Configuration

specialists in environment configuration for implementation architecture and application release projects

Understanding the specific objectives of each environment within the implementation lifecycle is key to delivering best-practice configuration techniques – and delivering the most successful middleware projects.

Our expertise in multi-environment configuration means we can optimise the behaviour of your application through each stage of the implementation, making the project easier to manage and allowing each environment to achieve its own performance objectives.

If you’re serious about implementation architecture, and want to get the most from your environments, our team have the configuration expertise you need to achieve a seamless and agile transition through to production. 

  • Optimise environment performance
  • Achieve process objectives
  • Increase environment management efficiency
  • Assess and improve environment security

Many environments are created by taking the infrastructure that was used at development time, and scaling it up and out, but since development environments are optimised for aspects such as code deployment speed, and ability to debug, this approach often leads to reference and production environments that are not easy to manage and have performance problems. 

Our approach is to start with the operational requirements. By tuning the operational system and getting its configuration right first, we can then trickle that configuration down through reference, test and operational environments to ensure that they are representative, while still simplifying them where necessary. 

One of our most popular services is our environment configuration review. This service will have a senior middleware consultant review the configuration of your environments and make appropriate recommendations. We can tailor the review to your specific requirements, or can focus on common issues such as:

  • Are your environments secure?
  • Do you have the right management tools and processes to manage them?
  • Are you getting the best performance out of your environments?
  • Are there ways you could make your environments easier to manage?
As a result of having c2b2 middleware support in place, and expert consultants available on call, CNS has seen an increase in our availability, and an improvement in the stability of CNS service products. We’re now able to provide the service that is expected by our customers by utilising a reliable and secure middleware environment.
Ian Troise, Systems Manager at CNS