Deployment Architecture

building success into application delivery

Pushing applications through carefully designed environments to a correctly sized and managed platform is critical in any successful application deployment - and whatever challenges are faced during implementation, our clients know that they’re working with architecture designed to minimise risk and reduce delivery times.

When discussing deployment experiences with clients, we often find that the release delays, downtime, delivery, or production problems they’ve suffered have either been the result of, or exacerbated by poorly designed deployment architecture. 

Naturally, the resources and investment given to application development can be significant, but if inadequate deployment architecture has been defined across the entire project lifecycle, the risk of failure or instability as you move out of the development tier can be crippling.

Regardless of the release management skills of the in-house team, it isn’t always easy to mitigate for architectural deficiencies – especially when applications and platforms are constantly evolving. With our experience of managing the whole release process, and our hands-on expertise in the operational environment, we understand the journey from development to production – and how to design architecture that meets the demands of complex deployment.

If you’re embarking on an application deployment, and want to build success into every stage of delivery, contact us today and discover how our expertise can help you achieve the outcomes you expect.

  • Minimise risk
  • Reduce application deployment time
  • Achieve zero downtime 
  • Empower release management teams
  • Support frequent small deployments
  • Scale to suit demand
  • Be cost-effective to manage
As a result of having c2b2 middleware support in place, and expert consultants available on call, CNS has seen an increase in our availability, and an improvement in the stability of CNS service products. We’re now able to provide the service that is expected by our customers by utilising a reliable and secure middleware environment.
Ian Troise, Systems Manager at CNS