Cloud Services

Cloud Solutions

Realise the potential of cloud computing with cloud migration, cloud native design, cloud architecture and cloud configuration expertise across public, private and hybrid environments.

Having helped customers adopt successful cloud solutions for over a decade, we understand the challenges faced by organisations as they try to realise the potential of cloud computing.

Whether those challenges lie in identifying effective ways to lift and shift existing application environments, undertaking development projects to build cloud native applications, or maximising return on investment through best-practice infrastructure and application configuration, our team can provide end-to-end cloud project solutions across both private and public cloud.

As an independent middleware consultancy working for clients with Red Hat cloud infrastructure, Oracle Cloud, and Amazon Web Services architecture, we understand the opportunities that cloud integration offers in terms of business transformation – but we also know that for many clients, adoption is not always as straight-forward as vendors would like to suggest.

The specific needs of different organisations vary immensely, and whatever cloud hosting provider and middleware products fall within your cloud strategy, the infrastructure deployed for cloud applications must be aligned to the agility, governance and compliance demanded by your business.

Our cloud services are designed to meet those demands through a strategic service partnership that is entirely focused on your business. Regardless of whether your cloud implantation lies within your company data centre, is fully public - or most likely in a hybrid environment - our consultancy team can deliver the most appropriate cloud solutions tailored to your needs – and within your budget.

The benefits of a cloud services partnership with c2b2  

  • Independent perspective on technology and cloud hosting
  • Cloud solutions fully aligned with client business objectives
  • Oracle, Red Hat and AWS partners
  • Risk management, compliance and cloud security expertise
  • Cloud infrastructure performance specialists