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proof of concept for application migration

Whilst comprehensive planning for cloud migration creates the framework for success, presenting tangible evidence of application migration through a proof of concept engagement offers a reassuring next step in any cloud migration project – and provides a roadmap for future roll-outs.

If your business or organisation has decided upon a cloud migration strategy but wants the reassurance of tangible proof of concept, our Cloud Evolution service can bridge the gap between planning and roll-out with a test case application migration.

Working with your team, our consultants will select an application that tests agreed cloud migration objectives. We’ll then plan and implement the migration before conducting a full assessment of the outcomes – learning lessons, understanding success, and forging a roadmap that can be followed during subsequent application migrations.

As experts in cloud architecture and application delivery, we know that migrations don’t come pre-packaged - and that the nature of client infrastructure often demands a hybrid approach to application migration. It is this ability to work across all forms of cloud architecture - whether deploying full or hybrid migrations - that makes our Cloud Evolution service such a client-focused engagement, only proposing solutions that meet your business objectives.

  • Evaluation of migration architecture
  • Definition of success and failure criteria
  • Definition of test migration benchmarks
  • Identification of test-case application
  • Migration process design
  • Roll-out evaluation and revision
  • Identification of lessons learned
  • Building a cloud migration blueprint

Cloud migration projects offer significant opportunities for business transformation - but rolling out application migrations can be a painful process. With our experience in designing and delivering cloud migrations for public, private and hybrid cloud platforms, the Cloud Evolution proof of concept provides reassurance and best practice when you need it most – and gives you a blueprint for the future.