Cloud Services

Cloud Application Design

optimising applications for cloud deployment

To get the most out of running your application in the cloud, it’s vital to incorporate cloud optimisation practices into the design. Regardless of what infrastructure has been implemented, the Cloud Application Design service puts our experience and expertise in cloud deployments at the heart of your application design.

Realising the full potential of the cloud – and seeing tangible returns - can be a challenge for any business or organisation, but no matter what level of investment has been made in cloud infrastructure, that potential could be seriously compromised if applications aren’t deployed fully optimised and cloud-ready.

Understanding application dependencies within complex production environments is unlikely to be an expertise of the development team – and cloud deployment only adds another layer of intricacy to optimising releases for performance, scalability and availability. Deploying an application to the cloud is not as simple as deploying to your own infrastructure - cloud hosting and cloud infrastructure platforms place constraints on an application, and the frameworks and protocols used that are not present in on premise applications.

This is where our experience across the middleware landscape is so valuable. The ability to view cloud projects from development to production enables us to work with in-house teams to undertake a full discovery of the organisation’s cloud infrastructure before interrogating the suitability of applications for deployment to that environment.

  • Manageability
  • Availability
  • Security
  • Scalability

Through a systematic review of key implementation and operational areas such as security protocols, technologies, scalability, configuration, monitoring, and alerting, we evaluate the application against best practices and expectations, and apply cloud optimisation methodologies that are directly aligned with the deployment environment. 

Not only will the application be tuned to meet expectations of cloud performance, but we’ll also ensure that in-house teams can easily monitor and manage it after it has been deployed to the cloud environment.