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The JavaEE7 and GlassFish 4 Release


I've just finished watching Arun Gupta and the Oracle team on the Java EE7 launch event. This was a highly professional event mixing videos, code, live chat and demos as well as cuts across to community members. It felt like I was at Java One seeing all the usual speakers (without the crowds, and ultra-cold American conference hotel air conditioning <shiver>).
JavaEE7 delivers some major new changes to the capabilities of an EE server, which Mike has captured in his recent blog post but to summarise for me;

  • JMS 2.0 finally gives us a modern api to use message queues and even better given Nick Wright, one of our consultants, had a small part to play in it, as a member of the expert group speaking at Java One last year.
  • Concurrency Utilities for Java EE finally gives us the ability to play with thread within JavaEE. So no more messing with local JMS queues just to get an asynch processing break!
  • Finally we also get a load of new HTML5 goodness including WebSockets and JSON processing.
Sadly JSR 107 didn't manage to make the cut, which as a member of the expert group I feel is a great shame.


Also announced today were the latest NetBeans release supporting JavaEE7 and GlassFish 4 as the reference implementation of the JavaEE7 standard and the first certified application server to support it.



Here at C2B2 we provide support and consultancy for GlassFish so this is a BIG deal for us. So to help you our customers learn more stay tuned for a series of Webinars and Blogs.