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Great news for DevOps users in Azure!

Alan Fryer, c2b2 DevOps specialist writes about a great new development in Microsoft's Bash Azure Cloud Shell.

There has been a proliferation in the use of configuration management tools by DevOps teams to provide continuous delivery solutions in on-premise infrastructure, and do so in an agile way, with improved efficiency.

The cloud is a perfect fit for DevOps practices, so as more organisations move to the cloud they are bringing this expertise with them and they depend on tight integration with the CM tools.

Microsoft recently announced some key improvements, with the support for Ansible in the Bash Azure Cloud Shell, which is I believe are great news for Azure developers working with Linux. 

Ansible in Azure Cloud Shell

Ansible is now pre-installed and ready for use by every user in the Azure Cloud Shell.

Azure Cloud Shell gives you the flexibility of choosing the shell experience that best suits the way you work, providing Bash for Linux or PowerShell for windows environments. The Azure Cloud Shell is run in a browser, so makes it possible to run Ansible commands from any machine in any location.

Just think of the possibilities! Checking out your Ansible playbooks to your Azure Cloud Shell storage gives you the ability to run a deployment at any time, from any location, even from your phone. 

This is a great news for DevOps users in Azure, now you can use Ansible by signing into the Azure Portal, with no need to install dependencies, additional configuration or authentication.

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