Supporting Your Middleware


Lack of in-house skills 

The complexity of an organisation’s middleware is growing rapidly. The skills to maintain an enterprise-wide reliable, scalable, high performance, secure and manageable middleware infrastructure requires a level of technical expertise few organisations can maintain in their development or operations teams.

High cost of in-house support

Maintaining in-house team of experts dedicated solely to solving critical middleware issues is very expensive and not cost effective for most organisations.

Any problems in mission critical middleware are likely to cause very serious consequences

Mission critical middleware requires good support at all times. The impact of any problem, slow down or outage can be disastrous - financially, legally and to your reputation.

Limited and inflexible vendor support

Vendor support is often not aligned with your business needs. Vendors’ offerings are usually limited and not flexible; they do not support the whole application stack and often support the latest versions only. Mixed vendor environments or lack of a standard platform makes it difficult to support your middleware end to end relying only on vendor support.

Communications gaps between your operations and development team

Communications gaps often arise between development partners and operations teams. The focus in development is rapid implementation of new capabilities and rapid change whereas operations teams are often focussed on stability and business continuity. These cultural differences can prevent rapid triage and diagnosis of application and middleware problems.

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  • We provide an expert support service delivered by dedicated and experienced consultants - we have worked with many customers from a number of industries and we can use our knowledge and experience to help you
  • We offer a wide-range and flexible support options, specifically tailored to your needs
  • While a standard vendor support contract is designed to fix bugs in the vendor application in a timely manner, C2B2’s support is aligned with your priorities, maintaining SLAs in your business critical environments
  • As Oracle, VMware and Red Hat Partners we can support  multi-vendor environments and use our knowledge and expertise to liaise with vendors on your supported products
  • We provide an independent view and can augment your vendor support providing personalised service
  • We have the knowledge of both Java development and operational management so we can investigate both code and infrastructure issues


  • Reduced costs: cost-effective, dedicated expert support, cheaper than maintenance of an in-house support team.
  • Reduced system down time: via rapid triage, diagnosis and fix across applications and mixed middleware.
  • Reduce outages: through effective monitoring and alerting before issues arise.
  • Improved in-house engineers’ skills: via team mentoring and co-working.
  • Increased team productivity: your developers can concentrate on their jobs and focus on implementing business functionality.
  • Increased value of vendor support: as experienced partners, we deal with vendors on your behalf making your support contract more effective.
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