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Oracle SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning - Webinar Series


We've created a series of short and snappy educational webinars about Oracle SOA Suite 11g. Delivered by our experienced middleware consultants, the webinars provide insight and ideas for the performance tuning of Oracle SOA Suite 11g. During the webinars, we will take a bottom up walk through the middleware technology stack that makes up Oracle SOA Suite 11g, reviewing processes, tools and techniques for diagnosing performance problems at each layer.

Part 1 - Principles of Performance Tuning - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Delivered by a performance tuning specialist the first part of our webinar series will introduce you to the principles of performance tuning large scale SOA infrastructures.

Part 2 - Diagnosing and Tuning Performance Problems in the Java Virtual Machine - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

In this webinar we will look at the JVM tools available to diagnose performance problems in the JVM and techniques to improve JVM performance.

Part 3 - Tuning and Scaling WebLogic - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Oracle WebLogic Server Oracle provides a solid foundation for SOA based on the Java Platform Java EE 5. In this webinar our certified WebLogic Specialists consultant will look at WebLogic specific features that enable rapid diagnostics of performance problems

Part 4 - Oracle Service Bus Performance - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Oracle Service Bus 11g extends the performance and scalability of Oracle SOA Suite 11g. In this webinar we take a look under the hood of Oracle Service Bus and provide hints and tips for increasing performance of your services

Part 5 - Oracle BPEL Performance Best Practices - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Oracle BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) Process Manager is a tool for designing and running business processes. In this webinar we will review best practices for developing high performance BPEL processes and investigate when BPEL is and when BPEL is not appropriate.

Part 6 - Monitoring SOA Suite with Oracle Enterprise Manager - CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides availability and performance monitoring, robust diagnostics, configuration management and lifecycle management for Oracle SOA Suite. In this webinar we take a look at the features of Oracle Enterprise Manager that enable you to identify performance problems in your SOA infrastructure.

About Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Oracle SOA Suite 11g is an integrated, best-of-breed suite of products that helps you rapidly design and assemble, deploy and manage highly agile and adaptable business applications. Oracle SOA Suite 11g will help you to:

  • Reduce time to market for new projects
  • Reduce application integration cost and complexity
  • Manage business and technology change
  • Streamline business process exception handling
  • Enable faster reaction to business events through increased visibility
  • Ensure high availability and scalability of your application infrastructure

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