London JBoss User Group (JBUG)

As Java enthusiasts and long-standing UK Red Hat partners, we’re committed to supporting the JBoss middleware community, helping to bring together users of JBoss and related Red Hat technologies at regular meet-ups in London.

Having organised and sponsored JBUG London since 2011, we’re proud of the success we’ve had in attracting renowned JBoss experts to deliver presentations on enterprise technologies such as JBoss EAP, Fuse, Openshift and BMP Suite, but also on the upstream technologies like WildFly or apiman, which are at the heart of the open source community.

We also actively encourage anyone with a keen interest in JBoss middleware, and who might like to deliver a presentation on a topic they’re passionate about, to get in touch.

In addition to our main presentation, there is always an opportunity for lightening talks from JBUG members and we’re pleased to have been able to offer many first-timers a route into community speaking over the last few years.

So, if you’re working with microservices using WildFly Swarm, building OpenShift containers on the cloud, or diving into data grids with Infinispan, make sure you register for JBUG updates using the form below and join us in the city for educational and friendly evenings of middleware, pizza and a couple of cold beers.


Past JBUG Events:

July 2016 - 'Exploring JBoss EAP 7 with a Q&A Discussion on current projects'

May 2016 - 'Q&A with the Hibernate team'

April 2015 - Performance Tuning Applications with Wildfly AS

January 2015 - Hibernate Search 5 - Adding Full-Text Query Super-Powers to Your JPA!

August 2014 - '

May 2014 - 'Hack on WildFly 8'

April 2014 - 'Introduction to PicketLink'

February 2014 - 'Extending WildFly'

December 2013 - 'What's New in Infinispan 6.0' 

September 2013 - 'Compensating Transactions: When ACID is too much'

July 2013 - Connecting Applications Everywhere with JBoss A-MQ

May 2013 - 'What's new in Drools 6.0' 

March 2013 - Easy Integration with Apache Camel and Fuse IDE

December 2012 - jBPM5 - The Evolution of BPM Systems

October 2012 - Arquillian - Integration Testing Made Easy

August 2012 - JBoss EAP 6 - JBoss for the Enterprise

June 2012 - Infinispan - From POC to Production

April 2012 - Building Modern Applications the JBoss Way

February 2012 - Hibernate OGM: JPA for NoSQL

November 2011 - RHQ

October 2011 - JBoss jBPM

August 2011 - JBoss AS7 Hackathon

July 2011 - Infinispan, Data Grids and Cloud Storage

June 2011 - JBUG is Back