GlassFish is a robust, production quality, open source, JEE compatible application server that is free for development, deployment, and redistribution.

GlassFish is the reference implementations for JEE 6 (3.x)  and JEE 7 (4.x) and is the community focus for building and contributing to the latest JEE specifications. GlassFish is always at the cutting edge of JEE and provides rapid support for emerging JEE standards. However GlassFish is still suitable for large scale production JEE applications with operational support available from C2B2 combined with software support from Oracle GlassFish is a safe deployment platform.

We support GlassFish 2.x, 3.x and the latest JaveEE 7 compatible 4.x versions. Visit the GlassFish project website to find out more

C2B2 GlassFish Services

C2B2 can provide a range of independent expert GlassFish consultancy services to help you build a robust GlassFish production deployment: