Architect & Design

For infrastructure projects a thorough understanding of the cloud and middleware infrastructure is essential for effective architecture and design. We have in depth, real world experience of Java Enterprise middleware both in the cloud and the company data centre.

For development projects of any flavour, whether it's Agile, Scrum, RUP or a mix of all three you still need some upfront architecture and design to provide the framework for effective development. We provide a range of services which will integrate with your approach and support your developers.


We can deliver our services through a range of engagement types including:

  • Workshops with the technical team and key stakeholders
  • Informal whiteboard sessions
  • Architecture and design documents using UML
  • Training and coaching

An architecture and design engagement typically covers:

  • Architecture goals and constraints
  • Architecture styles and patterns
  • Guiding principles
  • Selection of products and technologies
  • Identification of key interfaces and communication protocols
  • Various system views (functional, technical, use case, deployment etc)
  • Scalability plan
  • Non functional test approach
  • Skill requirements

We specialize in Java Enterprise technologies with a focus on:

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